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8 Week Challenge

About the Challenge

Entries for the August 2020 8 Week Challenge are now open! Register in club today!

We want you to make a change that not only you can see and feel the benefits from, but also create ongoing lifestyle changes you want to continue long after the next 8 weeks are over! 

Starting on Monday 3 August, the Jetts 8 Week Challenge has everything you need to successfully achieve your goals:

  • 8 week training program
  • 8 week nutritional information
  • Exclusive challenge training tank
  • Articles covering all things nutrition, exercise and health
  • Recipes
  • Before and after photos and measurements?


You can achieve amazing results like our National winners from the 2019 challenge!  


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Entries for the challenge are now closed.

Challenge Portal

The challenge starts on 3rd August 2020.

Once you have finalised your 8 week challenge registration in club and received your challenge code, click here to create an account and login to the portal.

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